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Are non profit organizations

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Law enforcement officers receive seven times more training in shooting than they do in de escalating (tense situations), Moseley said. Think getting that information out there and getting taxpayers and voters to know that they are not trained as much in de escalation as they probably should be, then maybe just through people being aware and gaining information we can maybe help change that. Encouraged all to watch the footage of police interactions with Tamir Rice, Daniel Shaver, Philando Castile, Magdiel Sanchez, Brian Claunch, Alton Sterling, Walter Scott, Eric Garner, John Crawford III and Freddie Gray.

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Laurence, Donald Frederick Age 90 of Maple Grove, passed away May 16, 2020. He was preceded in death by parents Fredrik Ruben and Mona Evelyn (Williams) Laurence and brother, Richard Stuart Laurence. After graduating from Washburn HS, Don earned a Civil Engineering degree from the University of MN, graduating in 1953.

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