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“Fortunately, several incendiaries that fell on the

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wholesale jerseys The wail of the sirens was followed quickly by the opening up of the guns and the falling of the first bombs.In Mr Shipley’s words: “The playground became suddenly pinpointed, almost incandescent, as the incendiaries showered down.”Fortunately, several incendiaries that fell on the roof of the school rolled off into the playground, where they could be dealt with relatively easily, the technique being to empty sandbags onto the bombs.One, which had fallen near the laboratories, was tackled from a piece of flat roof near by.Mr Shipley and the school porter, Mr Thorogood, provided the sandbags that “willing boys” quickly took to the incendiaries.The stock of sandbags being soon exhausted, other bags were pulled down from the entrance to the ARP post located at the school. In this way, some 15 bombs were tackled.Towards the end of this work, the party had become aware of: “a glow in the front corner from the direction of the Headmaster’s house, but we were too busy with the school to go there straightaway.”An incendiary had lodged behind a chimney, where it had started a fire. The Headmaster’s house, at the southern end of the school, was integrated into the main body of the buildings: a fire there jeopardised the whole of the school.With remarkable determination, Mr Shipley and his youthful comrades now turned their attentions to this new threat.Ladders were carried from the back of the school to the front but proved too short to reach the fire.Undeterred, the party entered the building, equipped with two stirrup pumps, and attacked the fire there.Although soldiers had now appeared to give assistance, it proved difficult to get at the source of the fire, which had soon established a firm hold in the dry roof timbers. wholesale jerseys

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