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“They wanted to start a conversation and are making

We at the Clog have shared quite a few crazy coincidences when we are forced to sit next tosomeone new. There once was a chap that worked here that astory within itself who sat next to someone new. You won believe what happened next. S Class. Of course, you could say that the C looks like a baby S, so this E would then just be a bigger, smaller S Class. But we digress, no matter how you describe it, that’s no bad thing.

Cities following the killing of George Floyd after a white officer pressed a knee into his neck while taking him into custody in Minnesota. In Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and beyond, thousands of protesters carried signs that said: “He said I can’t breathe. Justice for George.” They chanted “”No justice, no peace” and “Say his name.

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I could see a backup hurried into duty putting up a line like this, but Tebow had two weeks to prepare to do this. I know it’s only one game, but I see what all the analysts have been seeing for a while now. He does not have the inherent skills to be an every game starter in the NFL..

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