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This is especially true of the sporty yet efficient

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)As far as what kind of deal Kittle is looking for, Bechta hasn’t given any clues. With Kittle’s skill set and abilities, he could be trying to find the sweet spot between the highest paid wide receivers ($20 million) and the average salary of the top 10 non quarterback skill players ($16 million).Kittle, who will make $735,000 this season, has more than earned a massive contract extension. In just three years he’s established himself as a top player and a constant threat on the field.

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cheap jerseys It works, but demands strict discipline from defenders.That is, whenever the Falcons see the 49ers come out in one of their read option formations, each defender has a specific assignment for containing the possible options.Each defender must execute his with precision, unfailingly, or big plays can be bled.think if we can stay gap sound with our D line, Pro Bowl Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud explained to me this week, make sure that we got a person accounting for the dive, the pitch, the quarterback whenever they bust out that read option then we should be fine. Reason so many NFL teams with young, fleet quarterbacks have turned to read option plays this year especially from pistol formations is because they know they can exploit defences used to flying to the ball as soon as possible.Assignment defence requires poise, not frenzy.The most lethal blown assignment usually is when the defensive end https://www.fanslucky.com on the side the quarterback might run to recklessly down inside, either because he convinced the quarterback has handed off to the running back up the middle, or because he never bothered to even check.The quarterback is reading for that very thing, and if he correctly identifies a crashing end and pulls the ball, a huge running lane around that vacated end opens up.have to be very disciplined in what you do, Falcons defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said.football) adds a player to the scheme you trying to stop. Usually when a quarterback just takes the ball and gives it to somebody, that a guy you don account for the quarterback doesn count cheap jerseys.