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While the structural reforms are a welcome move

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Cheap Jerseys china A lot of these measures need not have waited for COVID 19,” Relli said.”Measures related to power generation and distribution and mining are welcome as they can make an impact fast if states get on board soon leaving aside their political compulsions. Measures on defence and space will lead to an uptick in stock prices of some companies for a few days Cheap Jerseys from china but here again, one will have to watch as to how fast intent is converted into execution,” said Relli.Rajee R, Senior Director, Brickwork Ratings said the mega structural reforms in the coal, mining, defence production and space sectors among others are welcome and bold and will go a long way in creating Atma Nirbhar Bharat by increasing operational and technological efficiencies in the sectors with an emphasis on autonomy, professional management, transparency and accountability and Make in India.While the structural reforms are a welcome move, there is no immediate trigger for the market. Also, the government needs to bring reforms in land, labour and tax laws to make India’s economy self reliant.”These are good measures, but the market is awaiting bold reforms in the areas of production, land and labour Cheap Jerseys china.